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The Nerdy Bookarazzi is a bookish platform that was started in mid-2016 as a little blogging site. Our founder Meenu Annadurai initially wanted a space where she can talk about her love for books and started making book reviews, book recommendations and all sorts of bookish posts in order to help people select their next best read. She has always been this person who would persuasively force her friends into reading the books she found interesting, this characteristic of hers was the foundation of The Nerdy Bookarazzi. Through this, she was able to talk about books and also convince people into becoming voracious readers.

The Nerdy Bookarazzi has always been under the evolution stage, what started as a blog site that talks about books and random stuff turned into a reader’s journal where Meenu wrote about books that touched her heart. Later authors and publishers reached out for her reviews and now The Nerdy Bookarazzi has grown to a position where it can help authors promote their work, polish their manuscripts and many more.

Our team is no longer a one-woman army but rather an interesting bunch of like-minded people with a love for books and reading.

Meenu Annadurai is the founder and editor of The Nerdy Bookarazzi. She is a published author. She is a Business Development Professional cum Social Media Manager with an Engineering degree. She is a voracious reader born with the biggest TBR list and willfully aims to finish it one day, despite knowing the fact it is genuinely impossible. She takes too much pride in her cute little library and is super possessive about her books that she never lends them to anyone unless and until you’ve proven worthy. Meenu is a Fictophilia who falls in love with fictional characters and prefers living inside books rather than in the real world. Apart from reading and writing, she is insanely addicted to TV Shows, binge-watching is her second nature.

Mano Annadurai is a Partner at The Nerdy Bookarazzi. She takes care of the content creation and art department. She is a power package with all kinds of talents put into her. She is an artist, writer, dancer, illustrator, baker, event manager, Zumba instructor and what not? She used to be an Environmental Engineer until her toddler hijacked her full-time. She is a one-sitting reader who loves finishing a book in one sitting despite the size of the book. Thrillers, feel-good books and Christmas books are her areas of interest. And obviously, the Christmas season is her favourite time of the year. Cuddling on her couch positioned strategically in front of her tree and reading a Christmas book or watching a Christmas movie is something she never gets tired of.

Suren Raja is the Digital Marketing Advisor of The Nerdy Bookarazzi. He is an entrepreneur. He is the one who introduced The Nerdy Bookarazzi to digital marketing and always gives insights into digitally developing The Nerdy Bookarazzi to the next stage. He is crazy about Marvel Cinematic Universe and of course, he is an Iron Man fan. He grew up reading these comics and still believes he could become a superhero one day. He never misses a comic con and spends all his money on buying action figures of superheroes and MCU Merchandise. He is the King of Binge-watching and a psychotic Potterhead. When he isn’t working or binge-watching, you can find him living with his Play station.

Suchitra Shekhar is a content writer and digital marketer of The Nerdy Bookarazzi. She currently works as a Publishing Manager at a leading Self-Publishing house in India. Suchitra is an avid reader with tremendous taste. She is a member of the BTS Army and she is also into K-dramas of specific kinds. She is a philosophical person with lots of spiritual energy around her. She loves collecting books and building a massive library of her own. She is a plant person, she has a beautiful little garden at home. She spends most of her time gazing at her plants and talking to them. Suchitra is a tremendous learner who constantly loves to learn new skills. She is amazing at providing wonderful cover concepts for her authors and that is something she loves doing professionally. She is an early bird who makes use of every single second of her life. She is an artist, paintbrushes and paints give her therapeutic joy like nothing else.

Jagadish Jaganathan is the official storyteller of The Nerdy Bookarazzi. He writes amazing and interesting short stories for us. He is a published author, in fact, our team initially found this talented author through one of our author interviews with him. His brain is filled with lots of novel and unique ideas. Just like J.K. Rowling he has lots of unpublished short stories in his attic. And The Nerdy Bookarazzi has decided to publish every single one of them. After working in an MNC for more than six years, he has finally taken the plunge to follow his dreams full-time. He is currently working as a content writer and enjoying every bit of it. Jagadish’s taste in reading is spectacular, he is the kind of a reader whose reading list will frighten beginners and intermediate readers. If you want to read smart books follow his reading list.

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