Beta Reading Service

What is Beta Reading?

A beta reader is a person who reads your unpublished draft and provides detailed and valuable feedback in the form of a report after closely analysing your manuscript. This report will help you as an author understand how your manuscript will be perceived by the readers. This report focuses on the flow of the book, plotline, plausible plot holes, characterisation of the characters, theme, dialogue and other important aspects of the book.

What’s the job of a Beta Reader?

  • Our Beta readers provide extensive feedback on your manuscript. This covers the flow of the plot, consistency in the plotline and characters, plausible plot holes, character development, story arc and so on

  • Beta Reading is not equivalent to editing. Here, our beta readers will give you suggestions that would improve the quality of your book.

  • Beta readers wouldn’t do grammar correction but at the same time, if there are an extensive amount of grammatical errors which are affecting the flow and readability of your book, they would clearly point it out.

  • You don’t need to be nervous about submitting your manuscript to our beta reader. As a writer, everyone feels hesitant to share their manuscripts with people afraid of criticism. Our beta readers will only provide constructive criticism which will only help your manuscript for good. At the same time, they wouldn’t sugarcoat the report, after all, you are paying to get honest feedback right?

  • Our Beta readers strictly stick with our authors’ time frame and provide the report on time.