People call us weaker sex, but why ?? is it because we possess less strength ?? or is it because  we don’t bounce back at your assumptions?? or is it because we satisfy your needs without second thoughts?? or is it because we are being subordinates to you since a long time?? or is it because……….( the list goes on) 

Being a female is very difficult but being a female in a country like India is much more difficult. 

First of all who is a WOMAN ??? After all she is the reason for our existence in this mighty world. Do we all give her the respect she deserve ? I’m not here to talk feminism but just observe the environ my dear boys see how women are being treated. Lets start from our family, is very husband treating his wife the way she should be?? most of the proletariat men get married because they can’t afford a maid so in the name marriage he can get one, who will do all slavery works for him with the dowry which she bought from her parents. Next stage, if a girl baby is born people aren’t happy, they will abort it in womb or leave it garbage. Even if they let them grow, they will not provide education for them. All these struggles mostly happens in underprivileged area.


If a girl is provided with good education and opportunities she isn’t allowed do stuffs as a guy does. Its because her parents are afraid, its not that they don’t believe her, it is they don’t believe the society. Its not something to be very proud of. We should should be ashamed of it. We all know the wish of Gandhi ‘the day a woman can walk freely at midnight on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved independence.’ do you think it is plausible ? No, never in a million years. If a girl is roaming around there are lots of preying eyes to take advantage on her. What that first attract them is her sex. Is a women only capable of sex, isn’t she worth anything more than that? Here in India talking about PMSing, love affairs, love making is not accepted publicly but whereas a rapist can walk free with a sewing machine. We all know Nirbhaya gang rape issue, what is the cause of that rape ?? Rapist said he raped her to teach a lesson, for what? she was wearing a seductive dress which provoke them to rape her and she was roaming along with guy friend at night, and people accept that and some even talk rubbish about her. And now a girl from Chennai is been murdered in public and no one come forward to help her, still they din’t find out the murderer even if they find him he will not get the appropriate punishment, we all know that. At last they will assassinate the girl’s character. This why parents are afraid to give their girls the freedom she needed.

This is the biggest shit of all, society teaches you how to dress. Don’t tell me how to dress, I am an individual I’m allowed to select my leader but i don’t have the freedom to wear the dress i like. Now let me tell you something, each and every girl in India would have been sexually abused at least once in their life time. If you can let your women to go out peacefully then in what kind of country we are living? I’m not blaming all the males, I love my dad he is more like a friend to me and I have lots of male best friends and i do love them, believe them, trust them. Because of some shitty males eveyone is gaining bad name.

Before you sexual abuse or tease a girl think of the females in your family, at some place at some point of situation another guy will be doing the same to them. 

I love India and I would like to make it a better place for us (GIRLS)….where we too can have all the freedoms that a male possess…..Dear citizens of India make India  “a safest country for girls” at least for the sake of your DAUGHTERS 


  • Meenu Annadurai

    Meenu Annadurai is the founder & editor of The Nerdy Bookarazzi. Meenu is a Customer Specialist by day and a writer by night. She published her debut novel 'A Place called Home' with Half-Baked Beans which is now available on Amazon. She is insanely addicted to her bookshelf and super possessive about them. She is in a serious relationship with her current Book Boyfriend.