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Think and win like Dhoni by Sfurti Sahare : Book Review

If one can control his mind, he can control much of anything in the universe.


It’s not what happens to you. It’s how you react to it! The situation is same for all, but reactions differ. This is the major difference between a performer and a non-performer.


5 Success Secrets Do you tend to buckle under pressure? Do you find yourself losing your cool in stressful situations? Do you find yourself unlucky in spite of working hard? Think and Win Like Dhoni is not just a usual book about cricket, but a book that will help you to beat the odds. Get ahead of your competitors using tips and tricks from the Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s life, shared by the man himself! Everyone says MS Dhoni is lucky. But have you ever wondered why he is so lucky? How does he manage to cash in on opportunities? How does he remain calm in the face of immense pressure? What makes him a great leader and a youth icon? Discover the mind power of the boy who travelled the road of exclusivity, from being a regular Ranchi lad to a world-famous cricketer. Learn how to build confidence, dismiss fear and perform top-class so that you enjoy immense success in work and life


Think and win like Dhoni is a book on Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is an Indian Cricketer. MS Dhoni is considered as the most successful captain in the history of world cricket with his highest success rate and he is the only captain in the world to bring home all the ICC Trophies.

Well there are a plethora of books out there in the market which talks about chronicles of Dhoni, his life and achievements, in fact there is even a famous biopic on him. But what makes this book stand out is, unlike all the other books it concentrates only on the habits and working style of Dhoni’s mind.

We all would’ve wondered about his last over wins and the unorthodox decisions he makes on the field which always ends up with his team on the winning. How is this possible ? Every achievement of MS Dhoni fascinates everybody, some might even call his achievements as luck but can mere luck alone can take a person to unimaginable heights ? You doubt that right ? That’s what the author Sfurti Sahare had tried to decode in this book.

This book subtly unveil what is it like to live inside Dhoni’s mind and witness how his brain beautifully works even under the most pressurized of situations. And how he makes the right decision at the right place at right time. Dhoni’s leadership and decision making skills are subjects in many management schools and this book is a mini shortcut to know about all of these. The author had spent three whole years studying and researching about Dhoni, the working style of his mind and his success mantra. And as a result Sfurti has handpicked five success mantras of Dhoni which made him whatever he is today and she firmly believes that if one follows these five things devotedly then anyone can become as successful as MS Dhoni in their respective fields. These habits are not complicated they are very easy and simple to follow, all it takes is bit of sincerity and regularity in nurturing one’s mind accordingly.  The author says it is the mind that plays half the game of MS Dhoni’s and his mental strength is key factor for all his success. She also points out if you’re mentally strong there are is no chance in heaven for you to fail.

What makes this book really special is, the author has closely worked with the legend himself in writing this masterpiece. And the years of hard-work she has put into this book has ripened perfectly. If you’re an ardent fan of Cricket or MS Dhoni, you can relive certain match winning sequences which have been deliberately written down and that experience will definitely be marvelous.

This book on Dhoni will change your life forever and there is a hundred percent chance you might end up as successful as him. For that all you need to do grab this book and read it and above all you should follow all the tips and tricks devotedly to succeed in this life’s mission.

The writing style was easy and engaging, and it’s suitable for beginners too. I would suggest this book to all the cricket fans and to people who idolize Dhoni, this book will definitely inspire you guys.

My rating for this book would be 4.5 / 5 stars  stars  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Do read this book and tell me how you feel about it  the comment section below.

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