Mr&Mrs Nambiar by Sudha Nair : Book Review

Title     : Mr & Mrs Nambiar

Author : Sudha Nair

Genre   : Short Story

Pages    : 34


A cute tale about how a housewife gets her groove back…

Indu and Madan Nambiar have lead a well-settled, almost-perfect life for many years — and then, Madan retires.

As their seemingly content coexistence is threatened, will they be able to strike a new balance? Will Indu be able to accept this new reality? Or will retirement be a new beginning for both Mr and Mrs Nambiar?

Read this funny take on the repercussions of retirement.


Mr & Mrs Nambiar is a very funny and pleasant short story by Sudha Nair. This story has a sound purpose which talks about the way in which the life of a housewife changes after the retirement of her husband. People always enunciate about retirement life as the best because after working tirelessly for such long period of time a person finally gets to rest and enjoy their life. And it’s always expected so is the life of a housewife after the retirement of her husband. But does housewives really have a retirement in their life ? And that’s big “NO” which we all fail to see.

In this short story, the author had successfully made the readers see the real picture and understand the life and routine of housewives. This is one topic which hasn’t been exclusively touched by any author and so while reading the story of Mr & Mrs Nambiar it was very pleasant and was a new experience. This story would be an eye opener for all the people who had always underestimated the life of a housewife.

The character development was really good. Though it’s a short story, the author has fabulously made the readers understand the characters. The way Madan Nambiar behaves after his retirement was really funny but at same time the author had portrayed how annoying it was for his wife Indu and how much it was affecting her life and her routine. The rows they have between them were completely adorable, these kind of cuteness can be driven only from couples who had been married for decades.

This story ends with the strong note, how we are all taking the woman of our home for granted and never ever bothered to give a thought about her needs, dreams and desire. This story will make everybody rethink their thought process.

 My Views

I totally liked this story because this subject is the most under-rated and touched upon very rarely. There were lot of funny instances with Madan after his retirement, how he starts to pay attention to tiny-winy things of the household which he hadn’t noticed all these years and how irritating it was for Indu was written down marvelously. Their story was very akin and understandable.

This particular story was very relatable to me because after the retirement, my father did all these sort of things as it was very boring for him being at home. And of course everything about our life, home and routine completely changed after his retirement. And so it was very relatable and I completely enjoyed the story very much. 

As it usually happens with many short stories, the end of story felt kind of abrupt but as I start to think about it in my head over and over again, it seems completely fine.

My rating for this book would be 3 out of 5 stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I would recommend this book to all the retired people, to the people who are about to retire and their families. You guys will enjoy it and learn how to spend your retired life peacefully and amicably with your family members.

It is just a short story and it can be read in a jiffy, so do read it without!!

Click here to read this Short Story

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!!

Happy Reading Folks!!!

~ Meenu

Get to know about the Retirement life through this funny and pleasant Short Story “Mr&Mrs Nambiar” by Sudha Nair


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