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Title : Only you

Author : Marie Landry

Genre : Chicklit ; Rom-com ; Feel good

Pages : 263


Ivy’s new boss is sexy, Scottish…and comes with an expiration date.

When Ivy reluctantly takes on a new part-time job, it’s a means to an end. Doing this favor for her pain-in-the-neck roommate means Ivy can have her apartment to herself again much sooner. The last thing she expects is Hugh—the hot Scot who just happens to be her new boss—asking her out on a date. And then another. And another.

Something about Hugh makes Ivy want to let her guard down and open up, which would be perfect if he wasn’t possibly returning to Scotland in a matter of weeks. But maybe that doesn’t matter. Maybe Ivy can learn to live in the moment and have a little fun, even if it means setting herself up for heartache later.


Only you is an amazing, happy and a feel good book by Marie Landry. Only you is the story of an independent girl Ivy Sima, who has all her shit together but whereas on the other hand she finds it very difficult to cop up with the recent changes in her life. And that’s when she meets this extremely drool-worthy Hot Scot, Hugh Mackinnon who happens to be her new boss at her part-time job.

The story revolves around Ivy, her friends and her everyday life. The first thing that’s very akin with this book is the way author has characterized Ivy, Marie didn’t characterize Ivy to be someone very perfect or sassy who knows how to respond or behave or say the right thing or make a massive entry. Marie Landry had made Ivy’s character as realistic as possible by giving her certain clumsy flaws and quirks. Even the tiny little details of her personality made her more real, relatable and understandable.

So there were this bunch of girls in this book who played the supportive character roles in the book and everyone of them was good and lovable in their own way. First of all, Bridget, the best-friend of Ivy, I loved her so much and the way the girls support each other was really exciting. And the relationship that Ivy shared with Bridget’s family and especially with Bridget’s mother Marla was one of a kind. And the sweet Meredith and bookish Piper extended their supporting shoulders through every single way possible. Celia and Ivy’s relationship was kind of snarky and brittle but the way it developed was something peculiar and surprising. And I totally loved reading about them.

So, here comes the most anticipated character of the book, the male lead, Hugh. Uffffff!! Obviously this Hot Scot will make anybody fall head over heel in love with him. The character description of Hugh was ultimately exceptional. Marie had described him in a way that his image wouldn’t leave your mind anytime soon. The picture was very vivid and nothing short of perfection. As soon as Hugh makes his entrance, the readers will be captivated by his powerful Scottish aura and it will make the readers yearn for his appearance more and more. No matter however long he makes his appearance, no amount of presence will be enough for the readers to take him in. You simply can’t have enough of Hugh. Period!

The plot was pretty straightforward and direct without being intricate. But what made the book really entertaining and amazing was the scenarios and situations that Ivy encounters in her life. The total experience gained from Ivy’s life was very interesting and worth the read. The dialogues in the book was really nice, it will make you smile, laugh, blush and what not ? I read many dialogues in this book more than twice or thrice simply to experience the effect these words had on me.

The Christmas aura was heavily charged in the atmosphere of this book but it’s not totally a Christmas book. Christmas, plays a very significant and major part in this book. The author had effectively brought the happy, festive and magical energy of Christmas successfully into the book. This energy will make the characters in the book as well as the readers reading it more positive and vibrant. This vibe will pave way for many happy and good possibilities in the book.

The setting of the book was narrated beautifully that the readers will almost feel like virtually being there in the location. The book was quite touchy but it was mostly happy and filled with laughter. Marie Landry had been very forgiving and she didn’t make the readers undergo any emotional turmoil or longing which is definitely a good thing. But now that the author went easy on us, the emotional fool within us will yearn for the author to play with the protagonist’s emotions. Lol! Am I being sadistic ?

And there was this adorable midnight black cat which reminded me of my best-friend’s cat. Though I am not a cat person, they way the author talked about this cat will entice anyone into liking it. And this cat has a very interesting name which I will not divulge here, obviously you will have to read the book to know it.

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On the whole, it was one good happy read which will make you believe in taking chances in life and at the same times it shows the importance of friendship. And there was this bookshop in this book which I loved so much, everything that revolves around this bookshop was very enchanting. Like an added bonus Ivy and Hugh are Book nerds and the way they talk about books and bookish stuffs was just wow and that’s why I loved this book and both of them a little extra.

I really loved this book and I certainly loved all the characters in this book, they were distinct and extremely good. I came to know there are two other books Mistletoe Kiss and Maybe you which revolves around the life of two of the support characters from Only you. I simply cannot wait to read those books too. I’m immediately adding it to my TBR list.

My rating for this book would be 3.9 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would recommend this book to all the chicklit, rom-com, feel-good book lovers. You will enjoy it. However stressed or sad you are, this is that kind of a book which will lift up your mood in no time. This book will be best suited to be read during holidays, now that everyone is working from home or at home due to lock-down, this book would be the perfect read for you to ease up and you will definitely feel immensely happy reading it.

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So I should really thank Author Jaimie Admans for letting me know about this book. It was the way in which she excitedly spoke about Hugh and this book made me want to read this book so very badly. If you don’t know what I’m talking about Jaimie Admans is one of my favorite authors and with whom I’m virtually friends with through our twitter chats. During one of our Author Interview Sessions we were talking about Book Boyfriends and she told about Hugh fascinatingly. Jaimie Admans gave me a very worthy lovable Book Boyfriend through Dimitri from her book The Little Bookshop of love stories and how can I not read about her Book Boyfriend Hugh ?

Now that I have read this book, Only you, and I have also fallen in love with Hugh! You guys would’ve figured that out by now!! Jaimie and I have happily decided to share Hugh 😀 Isn’t it amazing ? And Thank you Marie for giving us Hugh. And I hope you guys will love Hugh as much as Jaimie and I love him!!

Do read this book and tell me how you feel about it on the comment session below!!

Happy Reading Folk!!!

~ Meenu

Want a new book boyfriend ? Read “Only You” by Marie Landry. It’s a happy feel good book which will lift up your mood! To know more about the book check out our Book Review!!!!


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