Book Review : Heart Quake by Dr. K. Vijayakarthikeyan IAS @Vijaykarthikeyn

Title : Heart Quake

Author : Dr. K. Vijayakathikeyan IAS

Genre : Thriller ; Political thriller ; Medical thriller

Page : 150

I received this Review Copy from The Bookaholics in exchange for an honest review. Thanks much for the opportunity.

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An IAS officer’s tale of survival against all odds.

Once upon a time there was a city plagued by greed, corruption and mysterious deaths…

A patriotic IAS officer, Vikram, decides to expose a corrupt and powerful minister, Rudra Pratap Rana (aka RPR), during the latter’s visit to the IAS training academy. The video of Vikram asking the minister some highly embarrassing questions in front of a packed auditorium goes viral.

Instead of having Vikram suspended from service, a vengeful RPR unleashes violence on the officer’s family, and to continue the torture, RPR gets Vikram posted as the sub-divisional magistrate in Laxmipur—the politician’s backyard.

As soon as Vikram joins duty, RPR resumes his vengeance. However, a new drama unfolds when a large number of people start dying of heart attacks across Laxmipur. As Vikram tries to unravel these mysterious deaths with the help of Veda, a cardiologist, and Raghu, a police officer, extreme panic grips the city, which soon leads to riots and pandemonium. Vikram is left with no other choice but to risk his life to get to the bottom of this mind-numbing situation.

Join Vikram in this fast-paced thriller as he fights to save Laxmipur from HEARTQUAKE 


Heart Quake is a fast moving medical and political thriller novel written by a doctor and IAS Officer K Vijaykarthikeyan. The book starts from the famous Civil Servants Training Academy in the country, LBSNAA in Mussoorie where the protagonist of the book, Vikram gets trained to be a patriotic and honest IAS Office. And from there how he gets into the system and survive and bring about a change in the system despite rubbing off against all the all wrong and powerful people, is the story-line of the book.

The setting of the book was written down so very vividly and crisply that it almost brought every location described in the book live in front of the reader’s eyes. It was very short and fast read. The pace of the book was super fast and engaging. The story-line of the book was the best thing about the book. The plot was totally unexpected and it took different turns at different situations which the readers would have least expected.

Since the author is a Doctor and an IAS Officer, the blend of medical and political info and the governance part was written realistically. The fictitious stuffs infiltrated into the book cannot be more authentic and true considering the author’s profile. The medical twist was totally mind boggling and freaking awesome. The total idea of the book was unique and out of the world experience. This kind of thriller is quite new to the contemporary Indian Literature and this book deserves to be read by every single person in the Indian Readers Community.

The only disappointment with the book was the book could have been a little more descriptive because it had so much potential and if it had been a little longer, it would’ve been a lot more satisfying and fulfilling.

Vikram’s way of working and his thought process was amazing, the confidence with which he carries himself throughout the book was commendable. He was super bold and strong, his character ultimately earned the reader’s respect in no time. The character development of Vikram could have been little more personal, though Vikram’s character was awe-inspiring the lack of personal touch made him quite distant. Veda’s character was really beautiful and her entry brought colorful colors into the plot. The romance part between Vikram and Veda felt kind of forced, it could’ve been natural and subtle.

There was a couple of characters whose presence felt insufficient and pointless which could’ve been eliminated without a second’s thought. At the same time, characters like Raghu and Ahmed were really supportive and very much attention hauling. The editing wasn’t up to the mark because there were a handle full of typos here and there which could’ve been avoided.

Towards the end and all the book started pacing super faster and there were plethora of twist and turns. And it was totally worth the read!!

My Views

I’m generally someone who is super fascinated by the work that IAS and IPS officers does, it is one of the reasons why I picked up this book in the first place and I have also come across the author’s Once upon an IAS exam book and it is on my TBR list for quite sometime now, I’ll start with that book next. But only after picking up this book I came to know that the author is a medico and a real time IAS Officer of my state (Tamil Nadu) and I got super excited and started with the book. I don’t know how the author is managing to write wonderful novels despite his hectic bureaucratic work and duties. That’s something that inspired me a lot about this author.

And regarding the book I really loved it so much, the medical details in the book was ultimately incredible, certain instances brought goosebumps and was spine chilling. I don’t want to tell anything more because I fear I might give away some spoilers. It is a very easy to read book with simple language, the writing style of the author was short and sweet and crisp. And the mild sense of humor of Vikram and Veda was really entertaining.

My rating for this book would be 3.5 out 5 stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I would like recommend this book to all the people who wants to read a fast moving thriller based in India. People who like medical thriller and political thriller will enjoy it. And if you’re someone who loves the tales of Civil Servants or an aspiring bureaucrat, this book is absolutely for you.

Do read this book and let me know how you feel about it on the comment section below!!

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Happy Reading Folks!!

~ Meenu

A mind-boggling medical and political thriller by Dr. K Vijayakarthikeyan IAS. Read “Heart Quake” and get fascinated!! Check out the Book Review by The Nerdy Bookarazzi.


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