Book Review : Arranged Love by P.G. Van @authpgvan

Title : Arranged Love

Author : P.G. Van

Genre : Novella ; Short Story ; Romance

Pages : 96


Nivri does not enjoy flying alone—she hates it but gets on a plane from New York to India to surprise her family for Diwali. What she never expected were the surprises life would throw her in the short time she is in India.

Starting with spending an adventurous thirty-six hours with a complete stranger who soon turns unforgettable. Like her favorite song she couldn’t stop humming, she cannot stop thinking about him.

Nivri is amazed by the strong feelings she has developed for a complete stranger in such a short time. Will she follow her heart and trust her feelings to be love for a man she met in her travels?

Arranged Love is a short and sweet story about how life gives Nivri love as her surprise. It ends with a sweet happily ever after.


Arranged Love by P.G Van is a short read filled with fancy romantic sequences and sensual moments. Arranged Love is a love story of Nivri and a stranger whom she meets on her flight to India from the US. It was crisply written and very entertaining.

If you are feeling low or you just want to escape the reality or you are looking for short and quick read, then this has all the caliber to keep you occupied and entertained. This story feels like a piece drawn out of some happily-ever-after kind of fairy-tales. If you are looking for logic and other stuff, there will be handful of lapses but these kind of stories are to be experienced and enjoyed, not for other critical interpretations.

The story-line was very simple and pretty predictable as well but the interesting fact about the book is, how the author carried forward with plot-line, it was really interesting. There were lot of quintessential cheesy romantic scenario which felt like quite too much but then this book gave a perfect escapism from reality, so one could definitely read it for that sake.

The character development of the lead characters could have been much more deeper. It felt like there wasn’t much importance given to the character traits. And author could’ve have done something to conceal the predictability that was creeping throughout the plot, if it was done, it would have been even more amazing. There were a handful of unwanted details and descriptions in book which could have been avoided because they did not have any relevance to the march of the plot and it kind of felt unnecessary.

The plan of the book was clear and there was no confusion in the plot. There were a couple of side characters in the book and their roles was remarkable. The author perfectly introduced these characters to serve the purpose of the plot and they did the job correctly. There weren’t too many character and that’s what this book required because it was a story of a week or two, so how many characters can one infiltrate into the plot at such a short period and a short book ? The author had rightly thought it through and executed it.

On the whole, this book was really enchanting and it has the capacity to directly shift the readers to the land of hope, love and happily ever afters. This book will at least bring a smile to the corner of your lips with each passing page. Though twist was obvious, it was really nice and fulfilling while reading it.


As you all might have come to an understanding that I’m a sucker for romance, you would have guessed I enjoyed this book. So yeah, I liked this book. I usually love books with the tinge of romance, good characters, humor and signs of happily ever after.

The quick and short reads on Amazon Kindle App are really of good collections, I got the opportunity to read this book through Prime Reading option. It was a quick and happy read which made me shut down the reality and venture a bit more happily on bookish world.

I have seen a lot of books written by P.G Van on Kindle but this was the first book I got to read and I’m really happy that I decided to read it because I wasn’t at all disappointed.

I would recommend this book to people who love reading romance and also you can pick up this book when you want to have a quick and light read which would keep you occupied for a couple of hours.

My rating for this book would be 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Happy Reading Folks!!

~ Meenu


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