Book Review : iSA – A Psychedelic gospel by Ryan Sequeira

Title : iSA – A Psychedelic Gospel narrated by the Messiah’s guardian angel

Author : Ryan Sequeira

Genre : Mythology

Pages : 326

I received this Review Copy from the author himself in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you, Ryan Sequeira for giving me the chance to read and review your spectacular book. I feel really happy and privileged.


This is a true story.
These events may occur,
May have occurred or may be occurring
In a parallel dimension at any point in time.

7 B.C (Circa)
The prophecy of a virgin birth of the savior of humanity is about to unfold, in sync with the appearance of a strange green star in the sky. Teachers of the law are unable to identify him, as two male children are born of the same circumstances. A guardian angel has been sent into the world to watch over the savior, it records the life of the duo.

The ancient manuscript is categorized into three parts:
Father – Life of the naughty, inquisitive Isa, in contrast with the wise and calm Yohann, from infancy to the start of teenage, their beliefs and their adventurous childhood.
Son –Spiritual travels that would enrich the teenage years, while a powerful being discovers them and tries to plot their demise.
Spirit – Closing chapters of the greatest beings to have walked upon this planet, their sacrifices and challenges.

Isa, is a psycho-spiritual fiction novel, written in a first person narrative from the perspective of the Messiah’s guardian angel. It is the only book with stories of the Christian legends, from childhood to resurrection. This codex aims to explore the ancient mysteries of healing, angels, jinn and what went in claiming to be the son of God.


iSA is a very interesting and compelling novel which revolves around all the religious and mythical stuffs everyone would have grownup listening to. The book starts with the prophesy of the virgin birth of humanity’s saviour. Now, as soon as hearing this everyone will immediately correlate everything they had known about the birth and life of Jesus but that’s where the author gives us a plot-twist. So, this story is narrated in very different manner and you would have never heard something like this every before in you schools or church or from family but still it will keep you hooked up to it because the author has triggered your curiosity at the right amount and you can never get out of this feeling until you finish the book. This book is a story of two children who are born from virgins. Now, both their births matches the prophecy and no one knows who the real Messiah is. These kids unaware of all these prophecies grow up together like brothers.

Isa and Yohann are the children in focus in this book, they both are the exact opposite of each other. Yohann is calm and sensible and balanced but on the other hand Isa is impulsive, strong, bold, curious and great at fights. Though they are poles apart when it comes to their personalities, they are absolutely close to each other. Thick as friends and close as brothers.

The story is narrated from the perspective of the Messiah’s guardian angel. The voice of this angel is very unique and enchanting to read. The way in which the plot of this book was planned about and carried forward was way too interesting and gripping. The writing style was also good, there was some freshness to the author’s writing style which will hold the attention of the readers throughout the book. And definitely there were lots and lots of magical elements fitted into this book which made it all the more best and better.

Initially what seemed like a retelling of Jesus’s birth and life later turned out to be something really different and unexpected. This book not just talks about Christianity or it is constrained just to Israel. The author had branched out and spoke about many religions which comes under the wing of Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and this also includes Buddhism and Hinduism for that matter. This seemed pretty unexpected but nevertheless very interesting because the plot moves about like all the important people, angels and followers helps the Messiah in achieving his goal and this felt very inclusive. The plot takes the readers throughout the world from Israel to Egypt to China to India and also to other worlds, dimensions and universe. And also this book slightly focuses on the people of different regions and their life as well, say for example it talks about Roman empire, Egyptians, Chinese, Aztecs, Mayans, Sumerians and so on.

The book was filled with all kinds of gods, demi-gods, angels, jinns, cherubim and fire beings. This made the book even more compelling to read. The author has tried his level best to make the story reach the understanding level of a layman or non-religious person who has no idea about anything that has been told in the Bible or Torah or any of the religious books for the matter but a little more explanation wouldn’t have hurt.


There was this very magical and biblical aura to the book. Each and everything about this book was very fascinating. My knowledge about any Abrahamic religions isn’t very vast, I know a little bit about Jesus’s life and Christianity through my sister, books, certain plays I seen at schools and a bit about about Islam from a friend of mine but nothing in-depth or clear. This book made me realize how ill-informed I was and I also realized I have been revolving around the Hindu Mythological fictions for a very long period of time and it’s time for me to branch out and start to learn and understand about other religions as well. And I seriously have to thank Ryan Sequeira for planting this seed of interest and curiosity in me.

As I told earlier, I don’t know much about Messiahs or prophets but I had the opportunity to do a little bit research and have some discussions with friends who has faith in the above mentioned religions. My first step action would to make these friends read this book and have a in-depth and detail conversation about it with them. And if you are someone who is into this genre, do join me and lets have discussion.

I loved this book a lot, it kept me occupied. I have been reading multiple books at the same time but iSA was the book I was craving to pick up. To be very frank, I kept all the other books I was reading on halt and went ahead with this book non stop. But reading this book was a very long journey for me because I was forced to do a little research with every passing page, not that I complain, I totally enjoyed the process but some extra information would have been even more helpful for a person with zero religious knowledge like me.

My rating for this book would be 3.9 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would like recommend this book to people who are into mythologies and religious books interpretations. This book was really unique and different from any of the books I have read before. It was one of a kind!

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Do read this book and let me know how you fell about it!!

Happy Reading Folks!!

~ Meenu


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