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Book Review of Long Short Stories by Chetan Soni @HalfBakedBeans @chetansoni23

Title : Long Short Stories

Author : Chetan Soni

Genre : Romance ; Short Stories ; Collection of short stories

Pages : 40

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A collection of 5 curated short stories which can be categorized as Modern-day romance between characters. Each story is fast-paced, eventful and hidden with metaphors.

The short stories provide a new and different perspective and emphasize on the fact that not all stories should end.


Long Short Stories is a collection 5 thought provoking short stories which emphasizes on the modern day romance and relationships. These stories are approached and brought into light from unconventional perspective which is not generally touched. This has been written by Chetan Soni, Publisher and the Founder of Half Baked Beans Publishing House. This is the first time the author has tried his hands on Short Stories and it has come out so well.

All these five stories are narrated from male perspective and it talks about different stages of a romantic relationship and it precisely talks about different kind of people, situations, mindsets and scenario. All the five of the stories were different but has been united through a common theme – relationships.

Through this book the author has tried to cover a lot of emotions ranging from love, romance, fear, insecurity, infidelity, longing, confusion, fear of commitments, long distancing and so on. And the best part is, even with his minimal words the author was able to bring about the desired emotions very beautifully on the pages of this book. And these stories will stay in your mind for sometime!

The best thing about this book was, it did not follow the same line of approach to a story which has been followed conventionally throughout the years. The author has definitely broken few stereotypes that has been clinging on with romance for years innumerable. And he also had this extremely convincing voice so that his breaking-stereotype-kind-of-stories weren’t a big cultural blow to people who are so adhesive towards their culture and stereotypes. When you’re into the stories, you are truly into it and your thought process will work along the line the author has paved for you with his writing. It was like the author had full control over the readers mind and thought process and that’s a great success for this book.

It was extremely a very short read, one could literally glide through the pages of this book literally very much smoothly and quickly. Anybody could read this book and enjoy it. The writing style was simple and easy which enhanced the readability of this book by many folds. Since, all these stories were written from male perspective and these stories had the capacity to showcase the mindset of a male in a relationship especially considering the unique scenarios in which all these stories were set was completely new and this perspective was good to read about.

Each of the story ended with a cliffhanger which aimed to stand by the words said in the blurb “not all stories need to end” Usually, if the book or a story is ended with a cliffhanger, it would be excruciating for the readers. But with this book, it was weirdly satisfying. The endless possibilities of that story ending in any other way was kind of intoxicating.


I’m not usually a fan of short stories that is because I want to live in the fictional worlds created by the authors for a bit more hours. But with this book, I was completely happy and content. And I think it’s the success of the book and the author as it was an unique experience considering my reading journey. I literally finished the book within few minutes. I think this book would be apt for beginners as this book is really short and interesting. It will definitely inspire a beginner to read more. I loved all the five stories written in this book, it was extremely engaging.

My Rating for this book would be 4 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As I told earlier, I would recommend this book to beginners. This book will also interest people who are not very fond of Short Stories and if you love short stories you should definitely give this book a try!!

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Happy Reading Folks!!

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