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Author Interview : Ryan Sequeira

Hi everybody!! After a long time, we are back with another Author Interview session. I read this wonderful book which spoke so much about almost all the prevalent religions and it’s beliefs in the world. This book is a compilation of all these interesting factors and it was really amazing to read. I have been discussing about this book to almost everybody who had the basic knowledge about religions, mythology and stuff. To be frank, this book directed me to different set of mythology than I’m used to all these years.

So today, I have the Author of EvOLV and iSA – A Psychedelic gospel, Ryan Sequeira for an interesting interview to talk about his novel iSA in a lot more detail. Ryan Sequeira currently resides in Mumbai and he has published two novels and working on his third novel which I’m sure will be different and unique as well.

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Thank you so much Ryan for doing this interview session with me, I’m so happy to have you here in Nerdy Bookarazzi today, it is an absolute pleasure. This is the first time I have read your book and I’m glad to have come across iSA and to be honest I was completely blown away. Before this book I don’t really know much about religions except for a couple of Hindu epics. So basically my knowledge about religions has been zero until this book. This book made me do a lot of research and I learnt a lot in the way. First of all, the reason why I wanted to have this session with you is because I wanted to talk more about this book. And I’m extremely happy to have you here. So now let’s get into the session.

So my first question for you is how? Like how did you come up with this kind of a plot and theme? What was the genesis point of iSA and how did you decide to go ahead with it?

I don’t know how. It just happened. Ideas came, I wrote them down, the story came and I typed it out. I don’t think I really came up with the plot, I strongly feel that the characters and the myth used me as a medium, when I look back, it feels like the book literally wrote itself.

How did you gain vast knowledge about religions and mythology?

I am fortunate that since childhood, I’ve had a strong attraction towards religion, mysticism and most importantly, the Gods. This made me read religious books, practice esoteric techniques and question the little details that revolve around these ancient tales.

How did you interconnect and correlate so many religions within your plot? How challenging was it for you?

The ultimate reality was, is and always will be that everything is interconnected – therefore I have never found it challenging to correlate multiple religions within the plot. Even when the seeker reads these psycho-spiritual works, once the relation between the said concepts are stated, they would instantly realize the connection.

Religion is such a sensitive issue, one wrong step and people might get offended one way or the other. So how did your prepare yourself to write one and did you have any hesitation or fear while writing this book? And how careful were you?

My experience in writing consciousness-expanding literature is that most of the information is not created, but downloaded from an unknown source. Moreover, the tales of Isa and Yohann are innocent, beautiful and inspiring, there is no fear when the work would lead the seeker to evolve.

What kind of preparation did you undertake and research did you do before writing this book?

A lot of preparation w.r.t the chronology of events, the characters etc. However, since this is a work of fiction, there is always a levy when it comes to creating and innovating parallel theories. One of my main goals is that this story balances the essence of the core concepts of the Psychedelic Saga.

Who was the reason behind you gaining more interest on religion and mythology?

As much as I can remember, my Mother played an important role in introducing Christianity into my life. In my younger days, she happened to also inform me about Reiki- a healing technique, which I learned a few years later. While she is an orthodox Roman Catholic, she let me learn premium techniques like Sudarshan Kriya and Tai Chi by paying for these courses. In a crux, her liberal attitude towards my quest for the Gods made it easy for me to access the inaccessible. P.S – The name of the Guardian Angel is inspired from hers.

So, there are lots of religious mythology out there in the world, so what is your favorite mythology?

As I have mentioned, everything is connected and inter-woven, I love all mythology. Whenever I feel a situation or a character, I vibe to it.

Is there any book or incident that heavily inspired you write iSA?

As a matter of fact, a small snippet of the appearance of iSA in the 1 st novel EvOLV strongly drew me towards exploring this being. I have seen and read many versions of the Christ’s story but none of them explain how the being transformed, how the being evolved into a non-human.

What are the liberties you took from the religious scriptures while writing this book?

Zero liberties, this work is a literary criticism of the lives of great beings, using various techniques and concepts, I have grafted together a parallel, keeping in mind the core concepts of the religion, while at the same time I’ve deciphered the inexpressive codes.

How long did it take for you to complete the manuscript of this book?

3 years.

Who are the people who helped you in developing this book and how did they help you?

My twin flame, my feminine half, my companion, my Pree. From the critique, to the appreciation and the editing, if it wasn’t for her, there would be no iSA – that’s the truth. Another important mention would be a being with locks called Sahil, who just kept motivating me to write, and write, and write – now, I keep motivating him to read, and read, and read.

What was the reason behind you writing iSA? Do you think that aim has been achieved?

Why is Isa said to be the Son of God? Are we not all the children of God? How did he receive these abilities? Who taught him? Can I learn too? What do I do to be like Christos? What is the meaning of the fact that he died for my sins? What is an Angel? What is a Jinn? What is God? Is it a Father or a Mother? What actually happens in baptism? If Isa could heal can I heal too? And how?

The answers to the above questions are in The Psychedelic Gospel, and I strongly believe if these questions are answered after reading the work, the aim has been achieved.

Who is your favorite character from your book?

I like many characters from the book, Isa and Yohann for sure, the angel/fire-being is interesting and funny too.

If you are made to promote iSA in front of a group of atheists, how would convince them into reading iSA?

You know, my aim is not to convince people about religions, the Gods or any specific belief system, if atheists are happy being atheists, I think that is enough. iSA, is for people who are open to exploring different dimensions in life, the people who are not convinced with the said religion and its theology, for folks who want to know more about the Christ or just the fiction reading enthusiasts.

What was the best complement you received for this book?

All the feedback and reviews I have received till date are overwhelming and satisfying; I don’t know which one to pick. Why don’t you pick the one you feel is the best and put it here?

Cool, I think, this is one of the best reviews of iSA. Of course, apart from mine 😛

What are your favorite books in your genre that you want your readers to check out without fail?

Now days, I have been reading a lot of non-fiction. There are two books that are at the top of my mind – Sapiens | Yuval Noah Harari & The Universal One | Walter Russel

When did you realize you were someone who is destined to be an author?

7 th November 2014

What do you aspire to achieve as an author?

I wish to see these works come alive on screen, A Limited Series for every book,

Do you have a writing routine? People say writing is a lonely job so how do you motivate yourself to keep writing?

I do not have any specific writing routine, when I feel I write, when I intercept or download an idea, I record it. I feel like it is my spirit expressing itself, and when that happens, writing happens. However, arranging, editing formatting, cover design, uploading etc. need intense dedication.

Finally, how was this session? Did you like it?

Meenu, firstly, thank you so much for your time and your valuable feedback. I think Isa and Yohann are happy that they could share their lives with you too. Your review was very clear and detailed, and to top it up this interview is a great initiative to help the idea behind the work reach more people. I am grateful!!!

Oh that is so nice of you!! Thank you so very much Ryan!!!!!! It was nice talking with you. Your answers were really deep and thought provoking and most importantly it is good know the ideas behind your writings and this interview would have thrown more light on your plot and ideas. I have been in the plot of quite sometime now. And above all thank you so much for writing this wonderful book. Thank you so much for your time and patience in doing this interview with me.


Ryan Sequeira signing author signed copies at Crossword bookstore
Ryan Sequeira

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