OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

What will I do without all these Crushes ???

For people like me, who is completely single and has nothing else interesting to do, will always relay upon CRUSHES

Thank god people call it crush instead of love….if ever they call it as love…..then I will be having a bucket full of Lovers (one-sided though)

Literally these crushes keeps me infinitely occupied……Usually my crushes are celebrity crushes……the very sad part is….I don’t have any real time crushes…..

If anyone throws this question on me “WHO IS YOUR CRUSH” or “TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CRUSH” Ha! ha! ha! here I will be in a very embarrassing situation to confess about my celebrity crushes….and not having a real time crush……it is more painful than being single, when all your other friends are truly madly deeply in love 

But whom so ever is my crush….they makes me really happy 

I have someone’s picture to look for….there is a social networking website account of them to stalk for…..I know all the possible details about them…..

These celebrity crush makes us go mad…..even if we haven’t seen them in real

They won’t last for more than 3 months….that’s why people call it crush

I will be mentally dating that person for that 3 months…..gradually I will forget them after that…..and I will be whole heartedly single with no crushes even without my knowledge….for more than 6 months

Then the same cycle starts with another crush…..

I will forget my previous crush entirely as if I have taken any medication to forget them…

But when I come across a picture or a place or a song which I used to rapidly see or listen during those days will make me remember all about them and the crazy stuffs I did…’s absolutely a nice feeling….. 

I’m bit loyal in it because I don’t have more than one crush at the very same time….lol

I can’t stop crushing on celebrities….although I feel freaky about…..well its one of my major rights too 


KEEP CRUSHING (especially celebrities)






  • Meenu Annadurai

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