No people in India has the guts to do the stuffs they want, without thinking about the society. We live a life for the sake of the society, even if we want something desperately but still we won’t try to accomplish it because it might not be accepted by the society. In India it is believed that if a girl has too many male friends she isn’t accepted in good girls category. Well I don’t know why is that so? Having a friend is our own wish, there are certain norms based on which friendship arises. They depends upon wavelengths, likes, dislikes etcetera, if all these are matching then we are said to be best friends . These norms does not include the word gender, all you need is a person who is like you, at heart as well as mind. There is a saying “Girls with boy best friends are the happiest” it’s actually true, it’s very easy to handle guy best friend than girl best friend. They don’t expect anything from you, definitely they will not be a drama queen.

Indian parents cultivate a thought, if you are a girl you are supposed to have only girl friends and we too follow them unknowingly, we don’t even have a second thought to have a guy as our friend because we are blindfolded. After growing up when we realise it and casually develop friendship with guys, there starts the very first problem, it’s not like we voluntarily need a guy’s friendship, if you can be crazy enough and be yourself with a friend who doesn’t judge you based on what you do, then you guys can be friends irrespective of gender. Even if our parents are ok with us having male friends they oppose it for the sake of society. There is another thought in people’s mind boy and girl can never be friends, it actually isn’t true, we stereo-typically decide that by our very few experience, I totally oppose that because not every people are the same. Some people misuses the name friendship and as a result we keep on imagining things and build a fire wall for girl boy friendship there arise problems and it obviously end up in the way you don’t want it to be. This is the psychology of the teens if you keep on telling them not to do something, they get the urge to do it. Be casual about whom your kids are being friends with, I’m not telling you to give no advise, as parents you have to do your part well, I’m just asking you not to force them to do something. Forbidding something with great pressure will lead to come out with great force.
Having male friends has its own benefits, a girl who is being friends with boys aren’t consider as a girl, they will think she is one among them. These girls will always be surrounded with boys and chance of falling in love is very less also they won’t undergo normal problems like love Torture which ordinary girls experience. Other boys will be afraid to come in their way because of her friends, so dear parents please don’t worry about your daughters they are in the safe hands of a MALE BEST FRIEND who is strict like a father, caring like a mother, mocker like a brother. You can trust this guy as well as your lovely little girl. With your trust they will be the best.
Girl boy’s friendship is a greatest of all relationships in the world, if you accept it genuinely, they will have good friends to look back for.
Trust your children, with this huge trust we can change our society from being stereotype.




  • Meenu Annadurai

    Meenu Annadurai is the founder & editor of The Nerdy Bookarazzi. Meenu is a Customer Specialist by day and a writer by night. She published her debut novel 'A Place called Home' with Half-Baked Beans which is now available on Amazon. She is insanely addicted to her bookshelf and super possessive about them. She is in a serious relationship with her current Book Boyfriend.