It’s Holiday time and I don’t have that usual excitement. 

As a kid I was not a great fan of going to school,

I used to yowl when my mother forcefully send to school.

I create a scene, I numerous way to bunk school.

But that person was gone when I entered college.

And that doesn’t make sense to many, including me.

Well that might be because of the friends I made over there or the college environ or I’m tired of being at home or wanna spend sometime with out my parents….or maybe all of them.


                The days at home are very draggy, I don’t know what to do, so I wake up late and again fall asleep most of the time. I either eat a lot or skip eating but the result is same, I end in my bed .

If I get fatigued of doing those two, I ll switch to social medias or start watching friends series over and over again. 

Last but not the least, this friend of mine would try to keep me interested in him until I get  a headache. Its my BOOKs

Everything seems to be damn boring nowadays, don’t know why…..IT’S A BIG WWHHYYY

Hats off to all the housewives and the elderly people who stays home all their life.

It’s not that easy, how it seems to be .






  • Meenu Annadurai

    Meenu Annadurai is the founder & editor of The Nerdy Bookarazzi. Meenu is a Customer Specialist by day and a writer by night. She published her debut novel 'A Place called Home' with Half-Baked Beans which is now available on Amazon. She is insanely addicted to her bookshelf and super possessive about them. She is in a serious relationship with her current Book Boyfriend.