Book review : Trust me not by Ankita Verma Datta

It’s a book review of yet another flabbergasting debut novel of an Indian author Ankita Verma Datta’s “Trust me not.” The genre of this book is a socio-political romantic thriller. This is one of the most loved genres in the world of literature, for obvious reasons. This is the enticing cover page of the book.


Storyline  :  The protagonist Reeva Rai who works for an advertising company is offered a prestigious position in a PR agency, where she happens to work under a enigmatic mysterious billionaire Kunaal Kabi for whom she develops feelings right from their first meet. Rishi Uttur, leader of a famous political party JBP and a friend of Kunaal Kabi, ask Kunaal and his PR agency to do the election campaign for his party. JBP has best political records and opinion polls are in favour of them but repeatedly a nemesis of the Rishi Uttur along with an unknown person called Fixer, indirectly does a dirty job to sabotage their campaign in order to taint a bad image on the party and it’s leader. These attempts almost jeopardize the party in every aspects. When an activist Nandita Sahay enters into Reeva’s life seeking for help, this only makes things worse for her client and her project. Will Reeva be able to do the election campaign successfully for her client without getting struck in the political thunderstorm ? Can she prove her efficiency as a professional to her boss Kunaal Kabi ? Does Reeva and Kunaal has a future together ? Will she be able to help her activist friend to achieve her goals for the betterment society at the same time ?

This is a fast moving novel, which has all the vital components a book needs, in a right dosage, to make it unputdownable. The plot is planned perfectly, right from the very beginning the author starts to seed clues for the twists that are to follow. Nothing in the book was superfluous, every tiny-winy thing has its objective. There were so many characters, like so many characters in this book and they too had their very own purposes which they served just right. The characters were relatable and brilliantly built with every passing pages, especially stepping into Reeva Rai’s shoe was extremely facile. The writing was as smooth as butter and flows like a stream of water without setbacks. The change of perspective every now and then was effortless and had the standards as high as Dan Brown, Sam Bourne and John Grisham but the only difference was the language was very simple and easy to read.

We have been told politics is a dirty game played by politicians but this book showcased the other major clandestine players in that very game of politics, whose presence we failed to notice just like that of a puppet master on the backstage of a puppet show. These puppet masters are none other than the cooperate companies, businessmen, media, assassins, fixers and so on, it dawned that their influences and involvement bring about a crucial impact on electing the government to the governance of the nation. If it’s not for this book and the author all these matters wouldn’t have been brought into the spot light for the general audience to know. The ploys and schemes done for the downfall of the political party was unpredictable and unbelievable when it unravels balefully. This book also has a fair share of romances which has been artistically sculptured as loved by any romance reader and it is one of the prime plus points about this book. The friendship and care showered by the supporting characters was endearing. Towards the end it was very emotionally written, one could hardly resist themselves from crying.

While building a plot with lots of twist and turns, revealing them is the best part because all the doubts will be clarified once and for all but many a times climax cannot reach the expectations of the readers. Antithetically this book cannot get a better climax than this, it was practical and sensible. In the climax, like the protagonist, the readers too will be confused and have mixed feelings when faced with a difficult life changing choice to make on the ruthless crossroad of life. And the epilogue was the best part, it was like a sprinkle of hope and assuage for the protagonist as well as the devastated readers who feel bad when they realize a good book is marching towards its end.

Comprehensively this book is one of a kind in its genre, after reading contemporary romance fiction for years by Indian authors this book was a welcome change. Ankita Verma Datta stands out among all the other authors India has ever seen. The information feed by this book was accurate and well researched, since the author has a lot of experience in advertising, PR and political campaign you could wholeheartedly rely on her facts. The book was engaging and undeniably good. I truly loved this book and read it in one go. My only disappointment was, with the writing skill as hers, Ankita could’ve written a fatty hefty book, even though the book had nearly 400 pages my thirst for politics and twists made me craved for more.

If you love Indian writings or Indian authors, this book is for you. If you don’t like Indian authors and are holding prejudice against them saying that they cannot write anything better than college romances then this book is also for you. Confused ? I’m suggesting this book to you guys to exhibit the marvelous work of the author which would help you gloom out of the prejudice cocoon you have been living in for so long. So don’t miss reading this book, I know you guys would love it and don’t forget to let me know about your opinion about the book on the comment box.

My rating for this book is  🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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 Happy reading Folks!!!


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