Fourth Blog Anniversary

It’s my fourth year blog anniversary today, I still can’t believe it has been four years already.

Until four years ago, I don’t even know the ABC’s of blogging, I’m not telling I’m a pro now in fact I’m still learning and there is hell lot to learn in this big world. I could say I’m in a better position now than how I started. But four years ago a senior and a very good friend of mine Surabhi Sampath was the one who brought the world of blogging into my life. She had this amazing blog. (do check it out by clicking on the link above) She shared her blog link with me and I nonchalantly went through it and I was ultimately inspired by the stuffs she had written. But what I failed to realize was a small part of me too wanted to start a blog like her or maybe you could say I was too afraid to acknowledge that thought. I always loved the idea of writing but I was too afraid to put up the words into paper. (The only place I let out my writing skills was in examination papers, can I call that creative writing ? lol) That’s when she encouraged me to start a blog of myself. I was too confused and I was taking too long to decide what to do about this blogging urge and out of nowhere my sister created a blog for me in WordPress, taking things in her hand.

I seldom published anything on my blog in the initial stages and suddenly out of blue I wanted to be more active and specific on my blog. I love reading and talking about books, so I decided it was going to be a book blog. I did some basic research and looked on to some niche and I learnt a lot of things in the process. I completely redesigned my blog which was a total crap back then and once I finished my work, the end result was pretty amazing. I take immense pride in the appearance of my blog because I did all that by myself without any external or expert help. I posted the new look of my blog on my social media accounts and people were quite impressed with the way it looked and it obviously boosted up my spirit.

I personally believe, one can write something really interesting and good only when they can’t contain themselves and wanted to let the story out to world. That’s how great stories and articles are made. That happened to me with my first blog post and that’s how my blogging journey commenced. To be frank, this uncontainable urge doesn’t happen to me very often but whenever that happens I’ll make best use of it. Now you know why I don’t have too many blog post on my blog. But I consider this place as starting point to my writing venture, now I’m able to confidently tell myself I’m a writer. I have published two short stories on my blog which had been widely appreciated by people and got more traffics than my any other posts has gained and have been working on my debut novel and I have almost completed 40000 words and I’m also doing lot more stuffs related writing and publishing. And I’m receiving Advance review copies from publishers for my honest book reviews and I have even befriended some very efficient authors and I’m bringing them here for interview sessions. If you ask me it is quite an achievement.

I extremely love venting out my bookish urges in this platform and it is kind of a therapeutic to me.

Thank you all for knowingly or unknowingly stumbling into my cute little blog. I promise to post more interesting and quality content over here. And I’ll definitely be frequent.


Stay tuned.

Lot more awesome stuffs coming your way.

The Nerdy Bookarazzi

~ Meenu


  • Meenu Annadurai

    Meenu Annadurai is the founder & editor of The Nerdy Bookarazzi. Meenu is a Customer Specialist by day and a writer by night. She published her debut novel 'A Place called Home' with Half-Baked Beans which is now available on Amazon. She is insanely addicted to her bookshelf and super possessive about them. She is in a serious relationship with her current Book Boyfriend.

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