Book Review : Three of Hearts by Sudha Nair

Title : Three of Hearts

Author : Sudha Nair

Genre : General Fiction ; Short Story

Pages : 48

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It’s in those undefinable moments.

When reason fails…

Behind the normalcy of a marriage is an unfulfilled desire, a reckless need, and a situation that cannot be explained.

Ashima, once the lead singer of a band, is leading a contented life with her husband, Gautam. Then, a few years later, Irfan enters their life…

Will life ever be the same again?

In this riveting short story, Sudha Nair throws light on a moment of truth in the lives of two people brought together by fate, and a surprise that is revealed at their re-encounter years later.

This story was previously titled Ashima’s Dilemma.


Three of Hearts is a heart stirring short story by the famous Indian author, Sudha Nair. This short story is the prequel to the recently released Love Un-Stuck by the same author. This story majorily focuses on the relationship between Ashima and Irfan and what has transpired between them in the little time they had spent together.

So, Ashima is a happily married woman, she meets a young musician Irfan through her good hearted husband Gautam. As Ashima and Irfan gets to spend more and more time together something between them changes forever and it almost changes the aspect of their relationship altogether. This is a story of love, friendship, desire, confusion, dilemma, doing the right thing and so.

The narrative style and writing style of the author was as good as it has ever been. Her words has the kind of power to hook your attention from the very first moment. The setting of the story was dreamlike, it was completely pleasant and enjoyable. And the author had successfully brought the setting of the story alive in front of the readers eyes.

Despite it being a short story, the characterization of each and every character has been beautifully portrayed. After finishing the story, the readers will have the kind of satisfaction as if they had known these characters for years.

Few heated moments between the lead characters were written very intensely and these scene will literally make the readers hearts pace wildly and frightfully. And that is when the story started to move ultra faster.

It has a lot emotional touch to it. When Irfan re-enters Ashima’s life, the pages of the book was charged up with so much of deep emotions that will make the readers feel all kind of emotions. It is a thought provoking read which will give raise to lot of questions in one’s mind. Nevertheless the author has also managed to give suitable answers to these questions.

The decisions made by Ashima was heartwarming. The ending was really fulfilling and satisfying. The character of Gautam was incredible and very inspiring. He is definitely the husband material anybody would desire for. Even though he only appears on the story for a couple of brief moments, his character will bring a proud and happy feeling in the hearts of the readers.

My Views

I am usually not very comfortable when it comes to reading books that revolves around cheating or extra-marital affair and things like that, mainly because it brings about a lot of stress, pressure, panic stricken moments and I’m against the idea of cheating somebody. So that’s why it took sometime for me to pick up this book in the first place. But still I picked it up wholeheartedly, mainly for Irfan’s sake because I loved him so much in Love Un-Stuck and as I had already read the sequel and almost know how the prequel ends 😛 So I started strongly and bravely. Lol.

Initially I had some problem with how things were leading but then before I could realize I was neck deep inside the story, so that is the success of the author. Even engaging a reader who isn’t comfortable with the core idea of the book is simply spectacular. And with this thing itself Sudha Nair has won as an author.

The second half of the book was completely emotional, without my realizing it I was crying as I was reading. The author actually pushed me to the verge of a great dilemma and a confused state, just as Ashima was in. And I felt incredibly happy with the decisions Ashima made. And I absolutely adored and loved Gautam’s character, like he is the best and I loved hims so much. This story also showcase the roots of Irfan’s behavior and character, that kind of felt real and personal as I had known him from it’s sequel.

It was a quick, emotional and in a way a satisfying read. And I did not expect this 48 pages book to give me all of this.

My rating for this book would be 4 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would recommend this book to people who wanted to have a quick read which has a lot of depth and emotion to read it. I’m sure you would not be disappointed. And this short story would be highly recommendable for beginners as it has the capacity to entice your appetite for reading.

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