Book Review : Waiting for Tsunami 2040 by Nivedita A and Dikshita Saikia

Title : Waiting for tsunami 2040

Authors : Nivedita A and Dikshita Saikia

Genre : Science fiction ; Fantasy

Pages : 100

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The “2040 Tsunami” is going to be the biggest deal for Roshan. Roshan has been a science enthusiast since his childhood. On being shaken by the death of his father Kumararaju in the 2004 Tsunami, he blamed his mother Triveni for his father’s untimely death.

Roshan’s ultimate goal was to complete his father’s incomplete dream of developing Rescue Robots, which could help save people from natural disasters.

His life takes a series of turns after he meets a girl in his college unexpectedly. With the help of Shilpa, he gets the key to unlock a few mysteries of his life which bothered him throughout his childhood. But cracking the mysteries one by one and moving forward to accomplish their mission together was not a cakewalk for this duo.

In order to win, they have to battle it out with someone known and powerful. Will they survive or will they succumb ?


Waiting for Tsunami 2040 is a science fiction which majorly focuses on Tsunami with more amount of fantasy touch to it. This is basically a story of a Scientist, Roshan, who has been fascinated about science and its super abilities, right from a very young age he is into laboratories and experiments with the influence of his scientist father who died in 2004 Tsunami. This inspired the protagonist to invent Rescue Robots that saves people from natural disasters.

The basic story-line and the idea behind the book was really interesting. The beginning of the book has the ability to get the reader’s attention immediately. And as the story moved ahead they were mild astonishing moments as well but then too much fantasy infiltrated into the book which talks about science and technology almost made the book pretty unrealistic.

The authors had efficiently decided to show Roshan’s growth as a scientist clearly and deeply. But the illustrations and experiments which were showcased in book could have been even more high standard because those scene made it look quite amateurish. It more or less felt like reading about science experiment experience from primary school.

Roshan’s bickering relationship with mom was written down nicely, their conflict with each other took the book in the right path initially and how their relationship changes in the due course was interesting. The way Roshan and Shilpa meets and start a relationship was really good because two weirdos coming together to do some weird science stuffs and ending up together sounded very genuine. How their relationship flourished as years passed was something subtle and pleasant.

It was quick and an interesting read but it could have been even more better because the authors had the potential to give more. If it had been a typical science fiction, it would have been really cool. But despite that fact, this book was fast pacing and un-put-down-able. And shedding some more lights on every stage and process of their research to make a Rescue robots could have given even more in-depth idea about the book. Some crucial parts of the book felt like it was written down hastily in some unrgency.


I liked how all the robots turned out to be. I love the first half of the book much better and also loved the ending. As told earlier, if it had been a bit more bigger book, there would have been a lot more details about many aspects of the book.

On the whole it was an engaging and interesting read. If you are looking for a fast and quick read then you can check this book out!

My rating for this book would be 2.5 out of 5 stars

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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