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Title : Lucid Dreams

Author : G. Mehul Krishna Kumar

Genre : General Fiction ; Romance ; Novella

Pages : 121

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LUCID DREAMS is a tale of two lovers who loved each other, but were destined to stay apart. The dream of being together is tested high by the hard hitting facts of life. A love story that involves the emotions of their family and friends results in a rollercoaster ride that comes to an end when a lucid dreamer arrives. Do dreams really get fulfilled?


Lucid Dream is the debut novel of the author, Mehul Krishna Kumar. This book is all about a couple who are insanely in love with each other but they cannot be together because of the circumstances that they are in. Will they fight the obstacles that’s standing in their way of being together or will they resign to their fate ? That is the story of this book.

This book also promises to focus on certain other emotional things such as the emotional bond shared between a couple, the relationship between the parents and the children and emotions that prevails between the family members. That was something really nice of the author to think about because most of the authors while writing a romance forget all about other characters like the couple’s family members and friends. It will be like only the couple exist in their world and that is kind of absurd. It was sensible of the author to give some major roles to the couple’s parents as well.

It is a simple love story which has extraordinary obstacles standing in the way of the lovers. The plot was simple and direct and extremely easy to understand. One of the best things about this book is the writing style of the author, it was very smooth and easy to read. Anybody can pick up this book, read, understand and enjoy it wholeheartedly. This writing style of the author kept the readers swish pass the pages much faster and and this fact about the book will haul more readers its way.

There were certain short comings in the book which stopped the book from being really great. One of the first thing would be the plot itself. Though the plot of simple and smooth to read, it was quite predictable and at times it felt like it was too cliché. Certain instances in the book was too good to be true that it almost felt like a fantasy and that is not very good for a contemporary novel. If the author had been a bit more realistic, it would have been really great and easier to relate to.

The book was super fast and there was no depth or details to any scenes or situations. It felt like the author had written the book a bit too hastily. While reading the book, because of this lack of descriptive narration, it was like reading a summary of a book. There was no emotions although the book promised to offer a lot of emotions and depth. Since there was no emotional connection established between the characters and the readers, however hard or emotional a scene might be, it was impossible for the readers to see the world the author has created in Lucid Dreams through the eyes of the characters of the book. And at many instance it has become extremely difficult to understand a character and their behavior and it also pushed readers into judging the characters. The character development of the characters could have been bit more better, at least that would have made it easier for the readers to understand them.

The book was written from the perspective of three characters. Since it was written from three different people’s perspective, same scene has been repeated from different people and it was kind of very repetitive. These kind of narrations are extremely difficult to bring about in writing because if you are going to write the same scene from two or more people’s perspective the that scene has to be really strong. And one should not execute these kind of narration until and unless it is completely necessary for the plot. With this book, the plot did not demand this narrative style and the author could have meticulously avoided it.

The total idea of the book was really nice. The ideas and values the author was trying to instill in the minds and hearts of the readers was really wonderful. There were quotes all over the book and certain quotes were really encouraging and motivating to read.


It was a short and a quick read. I picked up this book in the first place because of the title, Lucid Dreams. When I was a teenager, I was really fascinating about dreams, in fact super obsessed with dreams. That’s when I did about a bit of a research and came across this term called Lucid Dreams. Lucid dreams is nothing but a state in which the dreamer will be very well aware that they are dreaming and they will be able to control certain things up to an extend in the dreams. I tried to accomplish it back then but miserably failed but this term always intrigued me and that’s why decided to pick up this book. But the thing is till the very end I could not make the connection between the title and the book, and that was quite disappointing.

The cover was super cute and it hauled the attention of the readers tremendously. Reading this book was an wonderful experience. I came up with a bit of a constructive criticism because I can feel in my gut that this author could become really great and I can see extreme potential in him. If he just pays a bit more attention on character development, emotions, depth, detailed description and bit of logic and reality, he will go to greater heights.

The most interesting thing about this author is while reading the book I couldn’t able to identify all the flaws in the book. When I was into the book, it was just the book and me. Only after finishing the book and reflecting upon what I have read, I was able to identify these flaws. I would say that’s a real talent of the author, to make us forget the reality and make us believe in whatever he writes. And that’s one of the reasons why I always take some days time to reflect upon what has been told in the book because I need to get the perspective from 360 degree and that definitely needs time.

I absolutely loved the writing style and idea of the book. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in reading quick and easy book. Lucid Dreams will definitely keep you entertained throughout the read.

My rating for this book would be 2 out of 5 stars

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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