Book Review of Her Perfect Man by Avinash Meshram @Avinash84229748

Title : Her Perfect Man

Author : Avinash Meshram

Genre : General Fiction ; Romance ; Relationship ; Friendship

Pages : 152

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Why do you fall in love and what happens when you fall in love?
Does the person we love, loves us the same?
Is it easy to understand who is perfect?
Is it easy to let go of the person who is not?
Love is complicated. And letting go of love is more difficult than we can imagine.
Sometimes, circumstances trap us in such a way that we are unable to let go of things that we don’t like. And following our heart becomes difficult than it already is.
HER PERFECT MAN! Is one such story that explains what happens when love doesn’t seem to be as perfect as it is portrayed in the poems and movies. It is a story that shows a different reality and its consequences.
It is a story of four people.
Kavya – a beautiful, smart, intelligent, career-oriented girl. She is determined to create her own identity in the world.
Ritesh – notorious, good-looking guy who loves Kavya from the bottom of his heart.
Ashish – shy and under-confident guy, with lesser dreams in life. He loves Kavya. But also knows that Ritesh loves Kavya too.
Kavya, Ritesh, and Ashish are best friends since class five!
Then, there is. . .
Vikrant – smart, intelligent, handsome, and ambitious guy. He also loves Kavya and wants her to be in his life.
What will happen?
Whom will Kavya choose?
And how will her choice affect her life?
HER PERFECT MAN! is a story of true friendship, die-hard love, and the life of a girl, affected by the male dominant society. It is a story of what a woman wants and how important freedom of choice is! 


Her Perfect Man is a story of four people Kavya, Ritesh, Ashish and Vikrant. This is a complicated love square story. Yeah you read it right! It is not a love triangle but it is a love square. Why it is so because here in this book, three guys are in love with the same girl, which obviously makes it a square and not a triangle 😛 right ? Or you could even call it a rectangle or diamond, yeah that sounds about right 😛

Okay, jokes apart. Her perfect man is narrated from the perspective of Ashish, who is a shy and harmless guy who is friendzoned by Kavya (the female lead of the book) Then, there is Ritesh, who is the bestest friend of Kavya, who thinks Kavya belongs to him indisputably and Vikrant is that guy who has the potential to win Kavya’s heart in the blink of an eye. Now who will Kavya choose to be with among these three guys is the story of this book.

The author had started the book by dedicating the book Mahatma Jothiba Phule and Savitiri Phule who are Indian reformists who worked much for the empowerment of women. So, this dedication note obviously raised the expectation for this book by a zillion times. Because if you read the blurb properly, you will be able to notice it talks about patriarchy that persists in our society. And if you ask whether this book lived up to its expectation, then the answer would be moderate. But the fact that the author had tried to talk about something against male domination in the society and how the society controls every aspect of a woman’s life itself is much appreciated. And obviously we as a reader would expect to read more such bold topics to be written by Avinash Meshram.

The way the author has structured the plot of this book was clearly very pristine and divine. This book will considerably take the readers back to their school days. The character development was all the characters was really nice. Ashish was this sweet guy. Ritesh was smart, handsome and impulsive. Kavya is the smartest and ambitious girl one could ever find. Vikrant, a possible threat in the eyes of Kavya’s friends. The author’s work on developing these characters were really wonderful read. It was a nice experience to read about these characters.

The friendship shared between Kavya, Ritesh and Ashish was something really amazing to read and witness. The relationship chaos revolving around these characters felt quite disturbing but still their friendship, the love and care, all the three of them have for each other made it cherish-able to read.

The author had tried to convey, how a relationship can completely change a woman’s life upside down either for good or for the worst. And that completely depends upon the kind of partner you find for yourself. Beware girls, before choosing the one! Despite Kavya being strong headed and ambitious, a relationship she get herself into changes Kavya’s core character itself. The author has also emphasized a lot on finding the perfect man. And on the other hand he had also focused on how every single action of ours has a very big impact and repercussion in our lives as well as the people in our life. This point has been strongly said in this book.

The book has been written with so much emotions. The writing style of the author was quite simple and easy to read but it could have been a bit more better. We could vividly find so many typos and mistakes here and there in the book, which could have been definitely rectified with a much better editing. But however, despite all these issues, the author was able to hold the reader’s attention till the end.

Though the book has been narrated from the perspective of Ashish, the plot totally revolves around Kavya. Certain decisions of Kavya will definitely make the readers angry but then that’s what the story is all about. Making mistakes to learn strong lessons from them. At no point the book felt unrealistic or anything. It was very natural and an interesting to read.


Reading this book actually made me relate with lots of real life characters I have come across in life. I loved the friendship shared between Ashish and Ritesh, it was very genuine and wonderful to read. I also liked how straightforward Ashish was in telling is discomfiture about Kavya’s choices and decisions. I find a little of myself in Ashish in that aspect. And I also liked how un-stereotypical and feministic Ashish was. The world needs more guys like Ashish. I literally got very angry when Kavya does something stupid. I just wanted to shake the life out of her and make her see some sense.

On the whole, it was a good read. I feel like most of the girls can relate to Kavya at some point. I would like to recommend this book to people who think changing yourself for your partner’s sake is normal and much needed. Especially to girls who blindly falls in love and forgets about the real world and also to guys, you might learn a thing or two from Ashish and Ritesh. This book will definitely open the reader’s eyes and help them rectify their mistakes.

My rating for this book would be 3 out of 5 stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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