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Title : A Love So Special

Author : Deepak Srivatsava

Genre : Family Fiction

Pages : 188

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Nikhil has been running away from his family ever since the horrible accident years ago. Neha has put at stake her own self to support her family. When they meet, it’s like they are the missing pieces of each other’s life-puzzles.

With time, their children Riya and Raghu complete their happiness. Raghu is a specially-abled child and thinks his father is a superhero. But one fateful day, Raghu goes missing.

The quest for Raghu takes Nikhil on an unexpected journey through the sea of his emotions, and into his past. When he finally locates Raghu, he has to choose between life and death to be united to his son.

Will he prove himself to be a superhero for his son? Or will history repeat itself to rob him of his loved ones?

This thrilling tale of determination and love shows the depths to which a parent will go for A Love So Special.


A Love So Special is an intense tale of a family, who are very closely knit together and different from all other families and that’s what makes this family so special. This book focuses on parental love and the bond shared between the family members of the family.

Nikhil and Neha had started out this small and lovely family of theirs after facing a lot of hardship in the early stages of their lives. This family is all that they have got and they love it immensely. Their kids, Riya and Raghu are their world. Raghu despite being a very sweet and lovely kid, he is a specially-abled child. Having a special kid at home, needs an extra care and attention 24/7 and Neha makes sure her son gets enough attention. That’s the reason why she deliberately avoids certain luxuries like outing, touring and partying, as they cannot afford to leave their son out of their eye sight even for a minute. But Nikhil and his daughter Riya on the other hand wants all the four of them to have a normal life like everybody else to which Neha is totally against.

Raghu is pretty close to his father and Nikhil loves Raghu the most. Raghu literally thinks that his father is a superhero and he can destroy any evil power single-handedly. Suddenly Raghu goes missing and that completely shatters their family altogether because Raghu has always been their source of light and happiness. The family goes in search of their youngest very frantically but this search party takes an unexpected turn and Nikhil is forced to become a real life superhero which his son always believed him to be. Becoming a real superhero is the only way to save his son and his life. But will Nikhil and his family be strong enough to do this and save Raghu ? That’s the story of this book.

The plot of this book was totally unexpected, what started out as a simple missing case story of a specially-abled child changed out to be a completely thrilling and nerve-wracking read. The way the author had planned out the plot and moved ahead with it in each sequence was tremendously penned down. The plot mildly accelerated into this very engaging story which cannot stop you from reading it. The book follows the investigation of finding the missing child in a step by step procedure. And the book has been very engrossing till the very end. It had that kind of a power and capacity to hold the reader’s attention completely.

The way the story started and how the author described the livelihood of this family felt very real and realistic. The small argument and disagreement between Nikhil and Neha was totally akin and relatable. These kinds of arguments and little fights will happen in all kinds of household and the author has spectacularly brought about all of them on the pages of this book.

The relationship shared between every member of this family was written down very effectively. The book was surging with so much parental love. The relationship shared between a father and a son has been beautifully written. The emotional aspects infiltrated into this book was so awesome. Seems like the loving and protecting parent inside the author had made it possible to write these kind of emotions so accurately and heart-touchingly. The author also emphasized a lot on other relationships as well and that balanced the book perfectly.

The language was easy to read. The writing style and narrative style could have been a bit more better. But since the book was filled with true emotions, that balanced it out. There were few typos and mistakes here and there which could have been weeded out in the editing. These were the only shortcomings in this book.

Nikhil and Neha’s character has been beautifully developed. Both of them had a very interesting back stories. Nikhil’s was the strongest and heart touching character in this book. Though Neha’s story was very inspiring, that did not go along with the plot much. It almost felt like it was an unnecessary attachment to the plot because even without her backstory the story would have progressed and moved perfectly. Maybe that could have been avoided or kept subtle. Even her story felt half baked and stopped abruptly somewhere around the midway.

There were lot of other characters in the book who played their roles perfectly and meticulously. The best thing about this book is the relationship shared between Nikhil and his son Raghu. They had this beautiful bond. How Raghu looked up to his father and how he believed in his father despite any situation was adorable. Raghu made Nikhil’s life so much more better. Even Riya’s character was penned down beautifully. She was sensible and hopeful throughout the book. Her relationship equation with her brother and her entire family was so refreshing to read, especially when the lead characters were sad and depressed, her presence in their life made it more bearable.

The last few pages of the book was extraordinarily written and perfectly thought through. These few pages made the book so much more better than it already was. Without these few accelerated progress, the book would have been just another family drama but these thrilling and fast pacing parts were wonderful and totally worth the read.

It is such a well developed plot with considerably good characters who are immersed in a sea of raw and true emotions. An improved narrative and writing style would make this book reach a different league altogether.


I basically love family fictions which talks about familial bonds between parents and kids, siblings and stuffs like that. So I loved this book so much. The best thing about this book was it spoke about relationships at a greater level. The book was fast moving, it had the aura of an investigative novel slightly and it was extremely thrilling towards the end. It was a very intense and amazing read.

My rating for this book would be 3.9 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would like recommend this book to people who are into family fictions and to people who wants to know about the depths of various relationships. Contemporary fiction readers too can go for this book. You guys will definitely love it.

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Do read this book and let me know how you feel about it!!

Happy Reading Folks!!

~ Meenu


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