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Title : The Orange Hangover

Author : Rahul Saini

Genre : General Fiction ; Contemporary Fiction

Pages : 244

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Rishab had the coolest lifestyle—dinner with friends, best restaurants in town, first day first show of practically every film released, a decently paying job, allnight parties and a good girlfriend.

Now he is stuck in his small hometown with zero parties, movies, cool restaurants or friends. The ‘good’ girlfriend has turned ‘bad’. He has no cool job. Everyone thinks he is a total nutter and there is only one girl who seems to understand his beliefs and values but speaks too little. And just to make things worse, he manages to tangle himself in a terrible case of extreme crime.

Would he be able to follow his heart and stick to his values and ambitions?

Would he ever be able to win the girl he likes?

Would the terrible case of extreme crime ever be solved?


The Orange Hangover is the story of an young architect, Rishab who has a perfect life until he is forced to return to his native which is small town where everybody knows everybody and people are quite stereotypical and judgmental. After spending nearly a decade in a fast pacing and highly developed city, Rishab finds it difficult to fit himself into the society he was born and brought up. This, actually makes Rishab feel kind of lost and demotivated. How will he find his path back towards his destiny is the story of The Orange Hangover.

Rishab is a quintessential drama queen, who overthinks and overreacts for each and every single thing. Rishab’s character was so innocent and pure that it will be super refreshing for the readers to read this kind of a character. Because, it is very normal for authors to portray their lead male characters as very bold and strong and tough personality, as that is what is considered to be masculine in this world conventionally. But the author has penned down Rishab’s character in a very subtle and realistic manner. The stupid and funny paranoid that Rishab feels every now and then was very relatable and funny. The character development of Rishab was brilliantly planned and executed.

The character of Natasha was very beautifully portrayed. She was someone who could handle Rishab’s paranoid and she always had his back. She was the kind of support character anybody would crave for in their life. She was super confident and aptly knows how to respond and react to a particular situation. And the relationship shared between Rishab and Natasha was very unique and beautiful. Actually, this book was filled with so many strong, brave and independent women characters who all played a very effective role in Rishab’s life. These women actually helped Rishab in finding his path and they are very crucial for his development in life and his purpose. This includes his mother, Natasha, his teacher, his friends Mansi and Janvi. These people’s mere presence in the book made it so much more better and engaging.

The plot of this book was so much more interesting and unexpected than what the readers would have anticipated in the beginning of the book. The turns this book took in the due course was very compelling. There were lots of people, incidents and things which helped in the movement of the plot. With every single incident, the readers were able to assimilate what kind of a person Rishab was at a greater length. There was this dog called Chotta Kutta Gabra Young and a kid called Ramesh. They both played a vital role in shaping Rishab as a person and how these two changed Rishab’s way of thinking and his perspective towards life was really heart fulfilling. The torment and pressure Rishab feels from the society and how depressing and demotivating it was, was really akin. The author had tried to bring about some social responsibility in the readers through the acts of the protagonist and that has worked out really well to a certain extend to be sure.

The architectural details and the in-depth knowledge about drafting and Rishab’s working space has been written down tad too clearly and accurately. This sort of information can only be share with true knowledge and experience, guess it was the architect in Rahul Saini actually helped him in drafting architectural details in this book. Rishab’s office routine and all was beguiling to read and those sequence had a special aura to it.

Another best thing about this book was, the author did not meddle much in Rishab’s love life or romance. That was really good. Despite the lack of romance part, the book was seriously intriguing and engaging. This is the true success of the author’s writing style, plot and characters.

The book has been divided into three parts and the third part was super fascinating and engrossing. This part was like a twist in the plot and it was nice to read. The writing style of the author was very engrossing and flowed like a flawless river. There were certain blemish in the plot, like author did not specifically say the whereabouts of Ramesh in many sequences. And what happened to the care taker’s unborn child. These were the only shortcomings in this book.

On the whole, it was a light read with which one can spend their valuable time reading.


It was a refreshing and funny read. I absolutely loved Rishab’s character, he was natural and has a heart of gold. I loved the way he behaved with Chotta Kutta Gabru Young and Ramesh, it would have been really nice if he had had more sequences with them. That was beautiful. The way the author threw some light on NGO initiatives and education of kids was something heart warming and I completely feel for it. And my next favourite person would be Natasha, I loved her so much and I loved Rishab and Natasha’s friendship. I loved the little definition and explanation which was given to the term The Orange Hangover, that was really nice and informative to read. Now onwards I’m adding this terminology to my vocabulary.

Actually, my friend has always spoken about this book, I guess, from 2013 or 2014. She used to say it was really funny and asked me check it out. I have all her book recommendations on my notes and this is the first book in her recommendation. But weirdly I forgot, I was actually reading that book, she loved so much. It was only after finishing the book I was able to connect the dots and spoke with her about this book. Poor me 😛

I enjoyed this book and there were quite interesting illustration here and there and that was really cool.

My rating for this book would be 3.3 out of 5 stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I would like to recommend this book to young readers who wants to read contemporary fiction which are light and breezy. This book would interest you guys!

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Do read this book and do let me know how you feel about it.

Happy Reading Folks!!

~ Meenu


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