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Title : The Part I left with you

Author : Rahul Saini

Genre : General fiction ; Contemporary Fiction

Pages : 236

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Does the meaning of love change over time? A young, starry-eyed Ratna finds herself at the doorstep of her favourite author, Ronit Sukhdev, and a little white lie lands her the opportunity to stay at his place for a few days. But Ronit, devastated by his break-up with Nitasha, has stopped writing, even as Nitasha tries to move on from her past and is on a quest to make sense of her life choices. Funny and heartwarming, this is the captivating story of three very different yet similar people finding their way in life.


The Part I left with you is a very interesting novel which takes the readers on a ride of finding out the true meaning of love, how it changes over time and how it is perceived by different kind of people. This story revolves around four characters – Ratna, Ronit, Nitasha and Vikas. This book does not have any solid plot or story-line to be told vividly but it has lots of interesting lessons, views and perspectives to be shared. And to be very frank, the author had done a tremendous job in accomplishing it. His words were really thought-provoking and will motive the readers to see things from a perspective normally people would never have paid much attention to.

Though there are four different characters in the book, at most of the times, the readers will be able find weird similarities between all of them. Their thought process and visions felt very similar and the readers will feel like these four people will make a very good friends together. The book has been narrated from the perspective of three different people, that is Ratna, Nitasha and Ronit. Since, all of them had similar kind of mindset, there wasn’t much uniqueness to the characters’ narrative style. The readers will not feel the difference in narration when the chapter moves from one character to another. And that was slightly disappointing because if the author had attributed some unique idiosyncrasies, it would have been excellent.

The mode of storytelling, jumped from first person to third person narrative as and when required. As much as it is highly unconventional to use this technique of storytelling, the author had considerably succeeded in bringing out an output without confusing the readers and that definitely needs a special appreciation.

Despite the words spoken by the lead characters being very intriguing and inspiring, it did take a lot of time to sink in, what the author was trying to say because these are very deep topics and extremely unconventional point of view. But, once you understand the author’s perspective then these thoughts and words are never going to leave your mind anytime soon.

The characterization of Ronit was wonderful, his character was fascinating. The way the author has developed his character was really really very nice. The life of an author was shown in glimpses through Ronit’s character. The author has also made it a point to actually talk about Ronit’s books and short stories and its distinctive flavours. It was really nice to read about all his stories and that was very satisfying. He was supremely intellectual, his words and thoughts will make the readers admire him so much.

Ratna is a college student, who is a great fan of Ronit. The immaturity in her made her look like a typical teenager that she was. At certain instances, her character kind of felt rude and flat. Her reason for staying with Ronit could have been a bit more strong and well established because without valid reasons and repercussions of her acts, her stay at his place felt quite unreasonable. Ratna’s character could had a bit more depth to it, though she is one of the main character, we didn’t get to see the real her much. Ratna’s relationship with her father and all her flashback sequences was the best thing about the book. The characterization of Ratna’s father was really ideal and inspiring. The tradition that Ratna and her father followed was damn beautiful and one of its kind.

Nitasha and Vikas’s journey was something different from Ronit and Ratna. Vikas’s character was a minor role in book, his character was complimentary to Nitasha’s, to actually help get a clear vision with her life. More than one moment, Vikas seemed very much similar to Ronit and his mindset. The conversations between Nitasha and Vikas were extremely interesting to read, it will hook up all your attention at a greater level. They both spoke about art a lot and that was something exquisite while reading.

The best thing about this book was the interview session between Ronit and Ratna. One cannot simply stop themselves from re-reading them endlessly and keep highlighting most of them. These conversation will bring about a lot clarity in you. This book majorly talks a lot about Love and that was very deep and stimulating.

It was a quick read and completely an un-put-down-able book. The flow of the book was genuinely flawless. It will hijack you and your mind completely and only releases you from their control only after you reach the last page of the book. Of course you will have some postpartum issues once you are done with this book. It is such a good book, it was very fresh and true.


I really liked this book a lot. I loved the way the author has spoke about love. I was literally able to vibe with these characters and their thoughts to the fullest. My most favourite person on this book would Ronit because I loved his way of storytelling and his mindset. And I also loved the fact that he was surrounded by books 24/7. Ronit was really matured and was good at heart, I liked the fact he didn’t take advantage of Ratna. At times, whenever he spoke, the complexity of his philosophical thoughts reminded me of Sushant Singh Rajput‘s tweets and quotes. And that’s one of the reasons why I love Ronit’s character very much. He was very intelligent and talented.

The writing style was engaging, smooth and flawless. Once you open this book, there is no way, you can keep it aside without completing it. I liked the unique tradition shared between Ratna and her father. It was really inspiring. I think I might start this tradition with my nephew. Thanks for the idea Rahul Saini.

I also liked the way the book ended. It was quiet different, interesting and fulfilling. There was this very beautiful poem written on the pages of this book. Though I’m not a poem person and I don’t really understand the depth and the true meanings of poems but I loved, understood and enjoyed the poem in this book. It was very beautiful.

I loved the way the author perceived love and made it clear that love does changes over times and I cannot agree more with what the author has to say. I loved the stand he took and that’s the main reason why I loved this book so much.

And I also happened to love the cover page of this book so much. It was designed so beautifully. It looked like one of those beautiful covers by European or American Rom-com books. It was very aesthetic and I can simply gaze at this cover all day.

My rating for this book would be 3.9 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would like to recommend this book to young readers who are fond of love and romance and to people who wants to know the true meaning of love. This will change everything you have thought you know about love. Contemporary fiction lovers will also love this book. The part I left with you is a blend of fiction and philosophy I would say. The philosophical part was not at all boring, believe me, the author had written it in the most engaging manner ever.

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Do read this book and let me know, what you feel about it!.

Happy Reading Folks!!

~ Meenu


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