Book Review : Couch Potato Author – In search of Elusive Inspiration by Arushi Raj

Title : Couch Potato Author – In search of Elusive Inspiration

Author : Arushi Raj

Genre : Non-fiction ; Writer’ guide

Pages : 41

Couch Potato Author book opened on kindle alongside a bag, phone and sunglasses

I received this Review Copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you so much Arushi for writing this amazing book which most of the writers crave to read about. And thanks for introducing this book to me and giving the opportunity to read and review it.


You love writing, you want to write, but when you sit down in front of your laptop your mind goes as blank as the screen.
More than ever before, we are swamped by writing advice. From how to finish a book in just a month to how to become a bestseller, GUARANTEED! Yet, writers have been feeling more lost and confused than ever. So what gives?
Obviously literary blogs and videos can be useful to learn some quick tricks. But those don’t work until and unless the writer has a strong literary foundation. If you want to pump out content in the hopes of making it big, then a how-to article is the way to go. But if you are looking to build your creativity and hone your writing skills, then you need a creative writing guide.
This is where Couch Potato Author comes in. With my experience as an author of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction books, which have been translated into Italian and Portuguese as well as a literature and creative writing teacher, I have put together a unique creative writing guide that delves into both theoretical and practical aspects of writing.
“Couch Potato Author In Search of the Elusive Inspiration”, as the name suggests, tackles the biggest bane of all aspiring writers – THE INSPIRATION. Some might believe the writers are born with creative genius, but I can attest that there is nothing more powerful than hard work. In this book, I will demonstrate 4 simple steps that anyone can use to find their creative inspiration.


Couch Potato Author is basically a small and efficient guide that would help wannabe authors to march in the right path towards creating their literary masterpiece. Arushi with her kind of experience in the literary world has shared her thoughts and experiences in a very relatable and witty manner.

If you are someone who has been aspiring to write for a very long time, you could instantly get connected to each and every word that Arushi has written. And this connect that you have with the book would bring you extraordinarily close with the author and her mindset and most importantly, this book would bring you closer to your dream of becoming an author, indeed a very good author.

It was an extremely short read but within those few pages the author has said every possible thing one has to know about writing. The way in which the author has compartmentalized the book into different segments was mind-blowing. This book is like taking up a short and effective creative writing course with a special and personalized tutor.

If we talk about creative writing books or author’s writing guides and all, it might be slightly intimidating for beginners that after reading the book you would feel extra low. But this book is like a booster which would give you the confidence and the direct you in the right way to master the art perfectly. If you are someone, who has been under-confident to keep your pen on a paper or type word on your laptop or afraid to call yourself an author, then you should definitely read this book because this book is going to change your life altogether.

This book not just talks about writing but also about writing logically good books. How to do you research, how to make your readers believe in your writings and many more. This book is totally worth it. And a must read book for everyone who aspires to write.


This is such a great book. I always used say a book happens to you at the right place at the right time when you needed it the most and this is one such book to me.

Through out the book I laughed so much, the sense of humor of the author was great, I could instantly relate with Arushi and I don’t think I have enjoyed a non fiction as much as I enjoyed this book.

It was seriously very useful to me personally. I completed the book within few hours, at a stretch. It was very compelling and informative. I’m glad Arushi decided to write this book because she has no idea how useful it was to me and I’m sure it is going to useful to many more.

After reading Arushi’s experience I do regret not studying Literature at college but that might have gone two ways but still Lit. never fails to fascinate me. Maybe some day, some time!

If you like writing of any kind, then without a second’s thought you should read this book for sure.

My rating for this book would be 5 out of 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

And I would recommend this to all wannabe authors or writers out there.

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Do read this book and let me know about it!

Happy Reading Folks!

~ Meenu


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