Book Review : Wizard of Sansanadia by Manikya Sanghi

Title : Wizard of Sansanadia

Author : Manikya Sanghi

Genre : Fantasy ; Children’s fantasy

Pages : 136

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‘Wizard of Sansanadia’ is the first book in the ‘Chronicles of Tierra’ series.

This is a story of twins- Sugatin and Saeru born as a blessing to a childless Royal family in the magical land of Sansanadia. The story takes various twists and turns leading the older prince to be cursed by a sorceress and become a compulsive, greedy wizard- who wants to destroy others and prove himself to be the most powerful wizard on Tierra. As per the fortune prophesized at his birth, life keeps moving him towards meeting ‘The One’, whose first sight would transform him back to his original self.

Will the once innocent and now greedy Sugatin meet ‘The One’… Find out in this adventure…

Locket of Zazul, Crystal Orb,

Gods, Fairies, Elves, Giants, Pixies,

Sage, Kings, Queens, Dragons, Trolls, Griffins,

Together come alive to change one destiny!

The young author Manikya Sanghi delivers an intricate and demanding plot with the finesse and originality that belie his 11 years of age.


Wizard of Sansanadia is a fantasy novel written by an eleven-year-old child author, Manikya Sanghi. Manikya has won various accolades for publishing this book. The author has tremendously created his own fictional world of Tierra. The world he has created was super fascinating and throughout the reading journey, one cannot simply stop wondering how this young mind has come up with such an interesting plotline and fictional world to be precise.

The plotline was on point and clear. The magical and fantasy element the author has added into the book made it a lot more interesting. The names of the places and characters in the book were so unique and fresh. Again, how did this child author was able to come up with all these things? The author’s thought process was great.

So, Wizard of Sansanadia travels around the life of young boy Sugatin who has been cursed at birth to do evil things in life. Despite his original nature being sweet and kind, the curse starts getting effect as he grows up. And that makes him march towards the evil’s path which would eventually turn to be detrimental to the entire world.

Sugatin, has the desire to become the most powerful wizard in the world and he is always inclined towards dark arts and immoral things. This makes the boy forget his friends and family and wage war against his own dear ones.

The development of the plot was interesting and it has the caliber to hook the reader’s attention from the very first place. The writing style of the author was good and also sounded really mature and readable. Each chapter ends with a moral and also encourages the readers to document their views and morals as well. That was really nice and interesting.

It was a very short and fast read. The author has also written everything crisply. While reading the book I could vividly see the shades of all the fantasy books I have read as a child. This book would be really entertaining and fun to read especially for young readers. This book would not just take the readers away from reality for a few hours but also act as a source of inspiration. The young author’s storytelling skills will blow away anybody who is reading the book.

Even the way in which the author has ended the book sounded really cool considering the fact that there will be more books in this series. The magical sequences and fight and war sequences have been brilliantly written because writing fight sequences is one of the most difficult parts and the author has effortlessly achieved it in no time.


I was super astonished while reading this book because I couldn’t get my head around the fact that a child has written this cool fantasy. Lots of love and appreciation to this amazing young author and his supportive parents. Looking forward to reading more from the author.

As mentioned above the writing style of the author was really nice. However, another round of edits would have been extremely tremendous because I was able to see typos here and there. Without these little errors, the book would have been even more spectacular. And the reason behind Sugatin’s desire to take revenge on the Sun God’s Empire could have been told a bit more strongly. I really liked Richard’s fight sequence with the Skull pixies to save Princess Evans. I enjoyed it the most.

If you have a kid at home who is fond of reading, please give this wonderful book to the little reader and if your little one isn’t into reading, encourage them to start reading by presenting this book. They would absolutely love it.

I liked the book and I’m sure kids would definitely enjoy this book.

My rating for this book would be 3.8 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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