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Book Review : Sixty Years from Now by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam @HalfBakedBeans @imaginovationz

Title : Sixty Years from now

Author : Amit Radha Krishna Nigam

Genre : Poetry ; Collection of poems

Pages : 218

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Sixty years from now is a collection of poems by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam. This book has a lot of poems for the readers to dive in and forgot the world around them. The richness of the poet’s writings was wonderful and it will abduct the readers from the reality as long as they are into the book.

The poet has divided the book into four segments – Perusal of the self, Love reparations, World Times, and The Reckoning. All of them spoke about a different set of themes and Amit’s view on these things was unique and spectacular.

All the poems will bring about a sense of relevance in the readers’ minds and hearts and it will bring about a smile, nostalgia, a tinge of pain, and almost everything that would make a person feel alive and happy.

The poems in this book were super deep and spectacular because every time someone re-reads the poems in this book, they will find new meaning and see the same things in a different light. That is one of the best features of this book.

As told earlier, the richness in the writings of this book was vast and undeniable. The kind of command the poet has over the language and the wordplay that he brought in the lines of the poems was tremendous.

While reading the poems in this book, the readers will feel a sense of satisfaction and fullness. People who are crazy about poems will adore this book so much that they simply can’t get out of this book for a very long time.

Almost all the poems in this book were so wonderful that one can’t pick up one poem out of this collection and say this is the best out of all the other poems written by the poet.


You guys already knew I am so new to poems. I always that poems are for intelligent people and I couldn’t understand a thing about it. Well, I still think so, no changes about that but I really feel happy to have read this book in the first place.

Apart from reading poems in schools and in between novels, this is the second poetry book that I’m reading and to be frank, this book is a masterpiece and it took me so much time and effort to get the hang of the real art of poetry. I spent a big deal of time reading this book, I re-read and re-read until it made sense and that experience was great actually. Even the book was complex for my understanding, I couldn’t let go of this book.

There were a lot of poems that brought a smile to my face and I simply can’t pick few favorites because there are many. I think I would be re-reading this book yet again, maybe a couple of poems a day would do me good I guess.

There were quite some spiritual poems about gods and Lord Vishnu and his avatars, those kinds of poems alone in the reckoning part felt like they didn’t go along with the theme of the book. It felt pretty forced and unnatural. Other than that I liked the whole experience this book and its poems gave me.

I would like to suggest this book to people who are superbly in love with poetry books, you guys will simply love it so much more. If you’re a beginner then it is an advanced level book for you, you need to do some groundwork before starting this book but nonetheless reach there soon because you can’t miss this kind of a good book.

My ratings for this book would be 4.4 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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