Cupid is an Accountant by Shreyas Joshi @HalfBakedBeans

Title : Cupid is an Accountant

Author : Shreyas Joshi

Genre : Short Story; Humor; Romance

Pages : 29

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This is a story of a guy in love, and his struggle of expressing the same to a girl, and the hurdles that lie in the way. Nightmares, dreams and friends, alcohol and deaf people. Like Murphy said, Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. and it does.


Cupid is an Accountant is a very interestingly written short story by Shreyas Joshi. This is a story of a guy called James who has been in love with a girl for a very long time but never had the audacity to voice out his feelings for her. With the help of a friend and booze, he finally decides to propose to the girl whom he had loved dearly. He organizes everything to meet her and mentally prepares himself to to vocalize his feelings bravely. This story majorly focuses on the obstacles he finds in his way of proposing to the girl. Whether James gets to propose or not? It is the story-line of this book!

It is a very interestingly and uniquely written book. The way the author has decided to carry forward the plot seemed extremely realistic and also super funny. The obstacles that James faces at every turn of the book was humorous. It will grab the attention of the readers right from page one and continue to do so until the very end.

The book has been divided into five different chapters and it only seems to be getting more and more funny with each passing chapter. Even though the book was super short, the character development and character quirks of the lead character has been meticulously done. The characterization of James was extremely relatable and akin. Anyone could be able to see themselves in James’s character.

The writing style of the author was pretty descriptive and it brought about very clear and vivid images in the readers’ minds while reading it. It was a breezy short story and the feel and the experience it gave was awesome. And even the whole setting of this book was super perfect and read worthy. It will for sure transport the readers to its world as long as you hit the last page. The language of the author was also simple and easy. This short story was beginner-friendly.

As said in the blurb, the author has tried to convey anything that is bound to go wrong will go wrong and that was written in an enjoyable and engaging manner. Within the short span of the time readers spent with the protagonist they will start feeling for the guy’s misfortunes and that is definitely the success of this book and the author.


So, to be very frank, I completely enjoyed the book so much. I was pretty intrigued with the title and I started the book expecting something different altogether but it turned out to be something else. But nonetheless, it was far more better than what I had expected.

I’m writing this review with extra care because one wrong word and I would reveal a very big spoiler which I never wanted to do you guys or to the book.

It is an entertaining book. It was a short and quick read. If you are looking for a short and breezy kind of funny read then this is the book for you. If you are beginner and you want to get accustomed to the idea of reading more, you will love this.

My rating for this book would be 4 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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